Recycle Solutions, Founded in 2001, is Headquartered in Memphis, TN.

We recognize that the first step in helping your organization improve its sustainability is to establish trust. You need to know the partners you work with share your company's commitment to continuously reducing your environmental impact while improving your financial performance. Thus at our core, we are a private recycler, therefore we do not profit unless we are absolutely maximizing logistics costs and ensuring you maximize your recycling potential.

There are many recycling companies in the market, but few take a holistic approach to reducing your company's waste and limiting your administrative and operational burden associated with a formal waste management program.

As privately disabled veteran owned business, we pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with our clients. Our "down to earth" relationships, combined with innovative solutions and over-the-top service have led to organic growth both in service offerings and across enterprises. This approach has enabled us to grow tenfold in the last five years and deliver services to best-in-class corporations.

How We Define Waste Optimization

Virtually everything companies dispose of can be reused or recycled?it's just a matter of cost. We are experts at identifying opportunities in the market that make recycling more of our clients' waste streams more cost-effective. Once these processes are in place, what was once an expense, becomes a recurring, dependable, low-maintenance revenue stream for them. We specialize in helping you solve difficult recycling problems so that more of your waste stream produces dependable revenue. We expertly handle recycling for paper, plastics, organics, and more.

Serving Clients Nationwide

We have large recycling centers located throughout the United States to serve nationwide clients.

  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Central Arkansas - Searcy, Arkansas
  • Atlanta Suburb - Villa Rica, Georgia
  • Chicago, La Grange Park, IL






Customized Solutions

Challenging financial times have us rethinking waste and transportation. Recycle Solutions has answered the call with the development of not only new processes, but "never heard of or they said it could not be done" processes to maximize cost savings.

Whether it is as simple as sharing logistics solutions, developing alternative fuel strategies, or creating a web based closed loop packaging recycling program, Recycle Solutions can implement simple but unique solutions. Innovative solutions combined with our rapid pick-up and delivery, and online ordering options enable clients to save valuable resources. We are continually working on ways to help our clients make waste optimization an organic part of their business model?seamless, integrated, and profitable.